New Brian Lynch & Spheres Of Influence Album Out Aug. 12th – Songbook Vol. 2: Dance The Way U Want To

Artwork: Robin D. Williams
Design; Jamie Breiwick/B-Side

Hi All! In the midst of the sweltering days of summer, I am happy to announce the release this coming Friday, August 12th of my new album, Songbook Vol. 2: Dance The Way U Want To on Hollistic MusicWorks.

Dance The Way U Want To continues my Songbook project of reclaiming my original compositions recorded on various labels for my own Hollistic MusicWorks imprint.

After the success of Vol.1, Bus Stop Serenade, Dance The Way U Want To continues the journey through my past catalogue by exploring the Latin-Jazz side of my work, in fresh versions of material written over more than three decades.

Dance The Way U Want To documents an important phase of my musical life through the great players that form the Miami edition of my long-running Spheres Of Influence group: drummer Hilario Bell, percussionist Murphy Aucamp, pianists Alex Brown and Kemuel Roig, bassist Rodner Padilla, and saxophonists Tom Kelly, Chris Thompson-Taylor, and Aldo Salvent, All have been valued collaborators in my groups over the last few years and brilliant examples of the talent resident in or frequenting the South Florida region.

Dance The Way U Want To will be available on CD and all digital and streaming platforms. For purchasing I recommend Bandcamp, where you can buy an autographed copy of the CD and also receive an immediate digital download of the album, including tracks not available on other platforms. My Bandcamp site is accessible through my Hollistic MusicWorks label site or directly at

The reason I started my own label was to give myself the freedom to record my own music, along with the music of other artists who I enjoy and respect, in a manner that realizes the potential of the music to the furthest extent possible. I think that  Dance The Way U Want To fulfills that vision magnificently, with great playing, superb sound quality and production values that make these new renditions truly definitive. 

Here’s a sneak preview of the album – a new casting of my “Awe Shocks” featuring Alex Brown, Rodner Padilla, Hilario Bell, Murphy Aucamp, Tom Kelly, and Chris Thompson-Taylor.