Brian Lynch & Hollistic MusicWorks News April 2023

Once again, I’m starting out a newsletter with the “it’s been quite a while since…” bit! All too often, I hardly have the time to even do anything worth talking about, much less talk (or write) about it. All the same, there are some things that have been happening or are about to happen that keep my vibe up – and are perhaps worthy of your notice.

I’m looking forward to getting out on the road and playing my music in a variety of contexts, including my first West Coast dates as a leader for a number of years. I’m also drawing on my exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting) experience teaching this music along the way during this run in various coaching and masterclass situations.April 3: Brian Lynch and The Stamps Jazz Quintet – Williams Island, FL (Private Event)
April 7: Guest Artist with The Bill Bonifas Band – Caroline’s, Milwaukee, WI

April 14-15: Guest Artist with the Whitworth Jazz Ensemble – Whitworth University, Spokane, WA (we’ll be playing my big band music, including selections from my Grammy winning Omni-American Book Club album)
April 16: Brian Lynch Quartet feat. John Beasley – Sam First, Los Angeles, CA
April 17-18: Ensemble Coaching, Masterclass and a few tunes: University Of North Texas, Denton, TX
April 19: Brian Lynch Quartet – Dizzy’s, San Diego, CA
April 22: Ensemble Workshop – Seattle Jazz Fellowship, Seattle, WA
April 23: Brian Lynch with the Dawn Clement Trio – The Royal Room, Seattle, WA (SJF member-only event)


My newest recording project is close to coming out of the oven – “7x7by7” will be out by the end of the summer, the fates willing. Funded by a Knight Foundation New Works Grant with additional support from a University Of Miami Fellowship Award, 7x7by7 means seven pieces played by seven musicians – and importantly, in recorded performances precisely seven minutes in length. Why? All the original music for this project was composed and recorded with the intent of being compatible and interchangeable along a single seven minute timeline, allowing for creative recombination between and within the seven pieces in a remix or virtual performance using digital audio workstation technology.

Sounds inscrutable or a bit crazy? Wait and see as I embark on the next stage of this experiment later this year. The music itself is not at all an enigma though, thank goodness – it’s melodic and well turned out in my usual cross-pollinated style, played superbly by the ensemble of myself, tenor saxophonist Craig Handy, guitarist Alex Wintz, pianist Luis Perdomo, bassist Boris Kozlov, drummer Kyle Swan and percussionist Murph Aucamp. Here’s a preview:


My teaching has always come out of my own experience, and on the trumpet it is a direct reflection of my practice on the horn, ever evolving and constantly in dialogue with my performance career, past and present. Recently, I have been working on boiling down the voluminous (as any of my students could tell you) amount of material I’ve developed in my many years of practice and instruction, especially over my decade-plus at the Frost School Of Music where I’ve really had the chance to develop a methodology of instruction with the help of the many incredible players that have come through my studio.

With the generous assistance of a Provost’s Research Award from the University Of Miami, I am now going to be able to realize my goal of presenting a trumpet method combining technical development on the instrument with a thorough investigation of the materials of improvisation, in what I believe will be an unique and truly integral approach. I’m excited, and can’t wait to let you know more about it as I get closer to being ready to present this method to the trumpet world. Stay tuned…

OK, enough for now. is still down for renovations, but my recording label Hollistic MusicWorks’s site is still up and will soon receive renewed attention with updates and such. Also, don’t forget the label’s Bandcamp site
– always the best way to order my original music. I will try to keep in better touch!