The Omni-American Book Club (GRAMMY® AWARD WINNING ALBUM)

Disc 1:

  1. Crucible for Crisis (feat. Dafnis Prieto & Orlando “Maraca” Valle)
  2. The Struggle Is in Your Name (feat. Donald Harrison)
  3. Affective Affinities (feat. Regina Carter)
  4. The Trouble With Elysium (feat. Dave Liebman)
  5. Inevitability and Eternity
  6. Tribute to Blue (Mitchell) [feat. Jim Snidero]

Disc 2:

  1. Opening Up
  2. Africa My Land
  3. Woody Shaw
  4. The Struggle Is in Your Name (feat. Donald Harrison) [Extended Version]
  5. Woody Shaw [Extended Version]

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“Across The Bridge” – 2 horn arrangement

A 2 horn arrangement of the Brian Lynch original “Across The Bridge”, as recorded on the CrissCross CD ConClave. Parts included: trumpet, tenor sax, alto sax (alternate part for tenor), piano, bass, drums/perc., score.

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ConClave Collection

A collection of my originals from the CrissCross CD ConClave. Burning Latin Jazz! Includes: Tom Harrell, Across The Bridge, JBs Dilemma and Awe Shocks. Instrumentation: trumpet, tenor (alto sub), piano, bass, drums/perc.

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“Green Is Mean” – 3 horn arrangement

A 3 horn version of my original “Green Is Mean”, recorded in 2 horn form on my Sharp 9 CD Spheres Of Influence as well as on the Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers CD One For All in 4 horn form. Parts include: Trumpet, alto sax (2nd part), tenor sax (2nd or 3rd part), trombone (3rd part), bari sax (3rd part), master rhythm, and score.

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