Unsung Heroes Vol. 1 Play Alongs Now Available!

At long last I’ve finished the first volume of play along versions for the Unsung Heroes Project! Each instrument is represented in a “minus one” format: trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax (or trombone), piano (or guitar), bass, and drums. For the horn versions, as well as the piano version, two different versions are provided for most tunes: a version identical to the album version minus the play along instrument, and a version without other horn solos so the home player can “stretch out” a little more. Charts are included with each album, as well as the original Unsung Heroes downloadable booklet. These play alongs are released in downloadable format only through my Bandcamp page or through the Hollistic MusicWorks store.

Store Link: http://hollisticmusicworks.com/store/play-alongs/

Bandcamp Individual Album Links:
Trumpet: http://brianlynch.bandcamp.com/album/unsung-heroes-play-alongs-vol-1-trumpet
Alto Sax: http://brianlynch.bandcamp.com/album/unsung-heroes-play-alongs-vol-1-alto-sax
Tenor Sax/Trombone: http://brianlynch.bandcamp.com/album/unsung-heroes-play-alongs-vol-1-tenor-sax-or-trombone
Piano/Guitar: http://brianlynch.bandcamp.com/album/unsung-heroes-play-alongs-vol-1-piano-guitar
Bass: http://brianlynch.bandcamp.com/album/unsung-heroes-play-alongs-bass
Drums: http://brianlynch.bandcamp.com/album/unsung-heroes-vol-1-play-alongs-drums