Progress Report

I’d like to give you all an update on HMW (Hollistic Music Works) and its first recording project, my “Unsung Heroes” jaunt. We are moving forward on all fronts, but at a shall I say, more deliberate rate of speed than I had orignally hoped. I’m dealing with bringing a whole bunch of skills to the next level, from mixing in Pro Tools to conceiving project collaboration structures and working on a business plan. My scope seems to be getting wider, even as the specifics get more detailed. I’m starting to assemble a team of able folks who I’m very excited about. I’m working on making the concept of HMW both more expansive and more definite. I’m now looking at a May release for the “Unsung Heroes” material, at least the first batch. There is definitely going to be 2 CDs worth of material coming out of the sessions. One of the many things we’re figuring out is what will come out on the core CD, what comes out as download only, and what gets released in expanded and hybrid forms, as well as the workflow to produce the play alongs and Garage Band stems. We do have a little “trailer” video introducing the project, which you can check out here.

I’m moving towards a fuller concept of what I want this “entity” to be. I’m committed to the idea of using the evolving technologies to be a champion for the music I love, whether mine or of my extended musical family; whether old school or completely of the now. I want to create a structure to help make musical creation and propagation easier and more self determined, thus more fulfilling. I’m using myself as the test bed, but I am very much into working with other artists and creative forces. I’m already in talks with other artists about HMW partnering in project work ranging from education to recording.

I’m looking for feedback, so let me know your thoughts; ideas are welcomed and appreciated!