Mastering Finished; Kickstarter Support Project Launched

I finally have a master in hand of Unsung Heroes – really! I know you’ve heard this before, but this time it’s for real. It’s been a long but rewarding journey. I learned a lot of new skills this time around; it was crazy to take on the mix from the ground up but I’m happy with the result and elated with the accomplishment. Thanks, Dave Darlington for taking me through it the first time through, and also to Tyler McDiarmid for all his assistance and tips on the second go round.

Now it’s time to design the liner materials, both online and physical, get the CD manufactured and publicity to help send this child out into the world. The point has come where resources are a little tight, so I’m reaching out to fans and friends for help through a cool fundraising tool called Kickstarter. Kickstarter projects enable independent artists like me to raise funds for their creative work and offer cool stuff in return. In the case of my Kickstarter project for Unsung Heroes, I’m offering pre orders of the CD and downloads, additional products and some other real hip stuff. I invite you check it out and contribute! Believe me, I’m offering good count. My Kickstarter project “Get My ‘Unsung Heroes’ Project Out To The People!” can be found at: