Introducing Hollistic MusicWorks

Hello jazz fans and music people, trumpeter Brian Lynch here to announce the genesis of Hollistic MusicWorks, the online (and eventually corporate) manifestation of my musical activity in all its aspects. I’ve been wanting to get this thing going for a while already, but I’ve had trouble with how exactly to translate my ideas for a new online presence (I already have an artist website at, hosted by JazzCorner) to a designer, perhaps because I keep “flipping the script”, as my buddy Edward Palmieri 2nd refers to my propensity for letting my imagination run riot until the original idea is unrecognizable. I’ve finally  decided that I might as well do it myself, and spare others the muddle. Starting out as an humble blog, this site will hopefully extend out to cover the many aspects of my musical world I aim to present and make available to you all. Those aspects will be categorized under these labels:

HEAR – The core of Hollistic Music Works is as a vehicle to present my recorded work as an artist directly to my audience, as well as the work of other artists I’m associated with or I think my audience would be interested in. I’ll be focusing on the brave new world of the downloadable artifact, but I’ll still be producing the physical product of the CD as well. I intend from this point onward to do as much of my recorded output for myself as possible. I still will be recording for other labels from time to time though, and I’ll make those available for dissemination on my site, along with my past catalog from labels like Sharp Nine, Criss Cross, and Ken. I’ll also be putting up live shows and other such documentary audio for those who are interested. The first recording project under the Hollistic imprimatur, “Unsung Heroes” will be ready to go by the time I get the rest of this site together.

SEE – Video representation of the music is very crucial to its dissemination in this time of YouTube. I’ll be putting video up of my groups, other artists that I feel you should be digging, and links to the usual and hopefully unusual videos of interest. Hollistic MusicWorks will be producing DVDs and downloadable video of recording projects (there will be a DVD of the Unsung Heroes sessions) and educational video as well.

LEARN I love to share my search for the music with others, and teaching has become a large force in fueling my continuing quest for development as a player and musician. I hope to present some interesting and informative material about jazz improvisation, the trumpet, and other music I’ve experienced, in some interesting ways. The goal for me is to use the technology out there in a creative and natural way so interactivity will be at a maximum.

PLAY – I’d like to make my compositions and arrangements more easily available in printed form to those who are interested in playing them, so I’ll be putting my catalog up on here. Another aspect of Play that I’ll be putting out there as an offshoot of my recording projects such as the upcoming “Unsung Heroes” will be interactive play along versions of tracks, as well as  a special multi-track version of the sessions that a practicioner can load into an DAW like Garage Band, Sonar, or Logic and record their own playing with!

THINK – I’m not completely illiterate, but writing (words) has always come hard for me. I do want to get better at finding my voice, so I’ll be struggling to blog you up some things worth reading, and I hope for it to be more than just a recent activities and upcoming gigs recital. I definitely will be sharing the process of getting HMW and its projects together with you. I will need feedback from y’all! I will also put up posts about things I’ve read, seen, or experienced, links to online things that made me think, and try to throw down a thought about music in specific or general from time to time.

So that’s the deal. Now, excuse me while I return to “WordPress For Dummies….”


PS – Why “Hollistic”? Sounds kind of New Age (whatever happened to that label)? My middle name is Hollister (if you ever see me wearing a cap from that store where it looks like a dance club/surf shack inside and the monosyllabic teen staff sneer at you, that’s the only reason why).

2 thoughts on “Introducing Hollistic MusicWorks

  1. Hola Brian,

    You are always innovative, and this is a great idea to showcase your creativity to even more people. I’m laughing at Eddie’s comments, but a quick & creative mind does that! No problems there, it’s a sure sign that you are awake and alive at 100%!

    I will check in here to listen, and send a few B.L. fans over to check it out too. Buena Suerte, I look forward to your blogs, hope to see ya again soon!

  2. Bravo Brian!

    I am glad you are doing your own website, that way you can put your own creativity into it as well as your music. I like all the components you have lined up, especially being able to play along – that’s a great idea. I like the look of the site too.

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