Hunkering Down & Staying Put!


Hi Folks,

I’m starting to venture back onto social media after a couple of weeks of self-isolation, dealing with this new reality that we all have to endure for the time being. Marissa and I are doing fine, no encounter with the “cabronavirus” but keeping ourselves under lockdown in the crib and hunkering down. I’ve lost some work, with undoubtedly much more to come, but I’m incredibly thankful that I’m able to do my teaching online from home and keep my “day gig” together.

I’m really grieving for the hit that we have taken as performing artists, and hope that we will be thought of as worthy of support during this catastrophe as in some sense “essential” personnel ourselves. This situation really shows how fragile our gig economy ecosystem is, and what conditions it depends on in an increasingly unstable world. I’m really touched by all the incredible music making that’s happening online, which to me is even more important than ever as not only marketing or social sharing, but now as potentially a primary outlet of expression for us. I will be directing some energy towards this myself ASAP!

Marissa and I are both putting all our thoughts, prayers and other spiritual energies into wishing healing and health for our relatives, friends and colleagues who are currently battling this sickness, as well as those whose battle is still to come. Unfortunately, we are settling in for the long haul here as a family, community, nation and globe. It’s not impossible to think that something positive may come out of this – I tell you what, it’s a hell of a wakeup call!

Be Safe, Be Smart, Walk Apart, Hearts And Souls Together, Wash Yo’ Hands!

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Brian Lynch Wins GRAMMY® Award for Best Large Ensemble Jazz Album for The Omni-American Book Club: My Journey Through Literature in Music

On Sunday, January 26th, it was announced that trumpeter and recording artist Brian Lynch won his second GRAMMY® Award of his career. The Omni-American Book Club: My Journey Through Literature in Music was awarded Best Large Ensemble Album at the GRAMMY Premier Ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. This win is particular momentous as The Omni-American Book Club is a fully independent release. The project is self-released on Lynch’s artist-owned label Hollistic MusicWorks and self-funded, making it a landmark win for independent artists everywhere. 

Lynch said the following regarding his win:

“What an amazing weekend in L.A. at The Grammy Awards! To be in the company of so many celebrated artists and esteemed friends in the music community, and then to be singled out and bestowed with one of the most prestigious accolades in our field – well, it strains even my florid vocabulary to convey the elation I feel! What an honor to receive my second Grammy and my fifth and sixth nominations in this year’s awards. I salute all the nominees and winners for a year of incredible music. 

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“The Omni-American Book Club” Garners 2 Grammy Nominations!

I’m elated, ecstatic, and just plain blown away by my two Grammy nominations for The Omni-American Book Club! My thanks to all the musicians and other creative artists that made this project possible, my production and publicity team, and the authors and books that were the source of inspiration for this music.

It seems that any fears that I had that our achievement would be overlooked or under appreciated amongst the crowd were misplaced – in the short time the release has been out (and even shorter time for the CD itself) recognition and critical acclaim for the album has been steadily building, with the meat of the reviews still to come. Check out some of what some folks (including myself) are saying about the project:

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Announcing Brian Lynch’s First Big Band Album – The Omni-American Book Club

Hello All,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve reached out to you directly. I try to keep folks informed of my doings as much as possible via the various conduits of social media as they unfold, but the sort of organized recounting of past events that goes into a newsletter has seemed be too daunting for me amidst the onrush of new ones. There comes a time, however, when the personal urge to share something important, so exciting that I’m almost bursting to let you all know about it, demands that I stop and take the time to communicate….

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Coming Soon – Brian Lynch’s First Big Band Album!

Hi All,

I’m still catching my breath after what has been an all consuming last couple of weeks of nonstop activity, the culmination of more that two months of concentrated work. The basic tracking for my first ever big band album is complete! Over seven days of recording in Miami, an outstanding and dedicated group of musicians came together to record nine of my original works for large ensemble. A combination of players from my incredible Frost School Of Music family including faculty, alumni, and current students, along with eminent figures from the South Florida musicians community and special guest artists, outdid themselves with their skill and devotion in the execution and interpretation of some challenging music. Their creative talent in solo and ensemble work was copiously exhibited throughout. In other words, they crushed it!

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