Brian Lynch with “EL ECO”: Guillermo Nojechowicz Group

Puerto de Buenos Aires 1933 – CD Release Event
Helio Alves (BRAZIL): piano
Fernando Huergo (ARGENTINA): bass
Kim Nazarian (US): vocals
Marco Pignataro (ITALY): tenor, soprano sax
Brian Lynch (US): trumpet
Inspired by the journey of Nojechowicz’s grandmother and father from Warsaw to Argentina in 1933, and the loss of family left behind during the Holocaust, Puerto de Buenos Aires 1993 has been described by jazz vocalist Luciana Souza as “a beautiful and important record.” On Thursday May 3, the Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies will celebrate the release of the album with a concert in two sets; the first set at 8pm (doors at 7:45) will have an introduction by Prof. Alicia Borinsky (Director, Cultural Studies in Buenos Aires Program). The second set will begin at 9:40pm.