Tone Twister

Rob Schneiderman

Hollistic MusicWorks (HMW 16)


  1. Footloose Freestyle
  2. Unforgettable
  3. Left Coast Lullaby
  4. Distant Memory
  5. Slapdance – Tapstick
  6. Windblown
  7. Tone Twister
  8. Tailspin
  9. The Lion’s Tale
  10. Unforgettable/Distant Memory (bonus track on digital version)
  11. Windblown Tailspin (bonus track on digital version)


Hollistic MusicWorks is proud to announce the release of renowned pianist/composer Rob Schneiderman’s Tone Twister, his first new album in over ten years. This joyously swinging quintet date features the talents of a truly all star lineup; tenor saxophonist Ralph Moore, bassist Gerald Cannon, drummer Pete Van Nostrand, and trumpeter Brian Lynch, who produced the album for his Hollistic MusicWorks label. This stellar crew makes great music and produce memorable moments on eight original Schneiderman compositions, along with Rob’s take on the classic “Unforgettable”.


Rob Schneiderman-piano
Brian Lynch-trumpet
Ralph Moore-tenor sax
Gerald Cannon-bass
Pete Van Nostrand-drums


Production Credits

Recorded July 2015 at Samurai Hotel, Astoria NY
Engineer: Tyler McDiarmid
Mix: Brian Lynch, HMW Studio Miami
Mastering: Katsuhiko Naito, Avatar NYC

Design: Rob Schneiderman/B.L.
Produced by Brian Lynch & Rob Schneiderman