The Omni-American Book ClubMy Journey Through Literature In Music (GRAMMY© AWARD WINNER, BEST LARGE JAZZ ENSEMBLE ALBUM)

Brian Lynch Big Band

Hollistic MusicWorks (HMW 20/21)


Disc 1:

  1. Crucible for Crisis (feat. Dafnis Prieto & Orlando “Maraca” Valle)
  2. The Struggle Is in Your Name (feat. Donald Harrison)
  3. Affective Affinities (feat. Regina Carter)
  4. The Trouble With Elysium (feat. Dave Liebman)
  5. Inevitability and Eternity
  6. Tribute to Blue (Mitchell) [feat. Jim Snidero]

Disc 2:

  1. Opening Up
  2. Africa My Land
  3. Woody Shaw
  4. The Struggle Is in Your Name (feat. Donald Harrison) [Extended Version]
  5. Woody Shaw [Extended Version]


GRAMMY® Award-winning trumpeter and recording artist Brian Lynch presents one of his most ambitious projects to date: The Omni-American Book Club. This expansive album of music for large ensemble connects Lynch’s lifelong passion for reading and the books that have shaped his life with his original music.

The books that have shaped Lynch’s consciousness, and thus his music, have been myriad, and his dedications for the music of The Omni-American Book Club reflect both the diversity and the focus of his reading interests. Alongside a strong emphasis on the work of African-American writers and writing on African-American culture, both classic and contemporary, Lynch’s reading interests range widely in the area of social consciousness and social justice.
The nine compositions that make up The Omni-American Book Club offer a panoramic view of Lynch’s world as composer, arranger and trumpet soloist in his first big band recording as a leader. With the help of all-star cast of special guests, Lynch’s pieces blend Afro-Caribbean jazz and straight-ahead swingers with hints of hip hop, funk, bossa nova and even trap music to reveal the most realized and accomplished expression of his vision as a composer to date.

Brought to fruition by a stellar big band comprised of Lynch’s teaching colleagues, students and alumni of The Frost School Of Music, University Of Miami, along with a selection of world class musicians from the Miami area and outstanding special guests, this album is a feast for the ears and a sonic delight.

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Download the PDF Liner Notes Booklet for The Omni-American Book Club here.


Brian Lynch Leader, Trumpet, Compositions and Arrangements

Tom Kelley: Alto Sax (lead), Soprano Sax, Flute
David Leon: Alto Sax, Flute, Clarinet
Gary Keller: Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute, Clarinet
Chris Thompson-Taylor: Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Mike Brignola: Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet

Dante Luciani: Lead Trombone
Carter Key: Trombone
Steven Robinson: Trombone
John Kricker: Bass Trombone

Michael Dudley: Lead Trumpet
Jean Caze: Trumpet
Jason Charos: Trumpet
Alec Aldred: Trumpet

Alex Brown: piano
Lowell Ringel: bass
Boris Kozlov: electric bass (Tracks 2,5,10)
Kyle Swan: drums (Tracks 2,4,6,9,10,11)
Hilario Bell: drums (Tracks 3,5,7,8)
Murph Aucamp: percussion
Little Johnny Rivero: percussion (Tracks 5,8)

Guest Artists:
Dafnis Prieto, drums (Track 1)
Orlando “Maraca” Valle, flute (Track 1);
Donald Harrison, alto sax (Track 2)
David Liebman, soprano sax (Track 3)
Regina Carter, violin (Track 4)
Jim Snidero, alto sax (Track 6)

Production Credits


1 Crucible For Crisis: for David Levering Lewis and W.E.B DuBois
2,10 The Struggle Is In Your Name for Ta-Nehisi Coates and Albert Murray
3 Affective Affinities for Ned Sublette and Eric Hobsbawm
4 The Trouble With Elysium for Naomi Klein and Mike Davis
5 Inevitability And Eternity for Timothy Snyder and Masha Gessen
6 Tribute To Blue (Mitchell) for Isabel Wilkerson and Ralph Ellison
7 Opening Up for Nell Irvin Painter and Brené Brown
2 Africa My Land: for Chinua Achebe and Robert Farris Thompson
3,11 Woody Shaw: for Amiri Baraka and A.B. Spellman

All music composed and arranged by Brian Lynch (Hollistic Music BMI)

Produced by Kabir Sehgal and Doug Davis

Recorded May 2019 at The L. Austin Weeks Center for Recording and Performance, Frost School Of Music, Coral Gables, FL

Recording Engineer: Chris Palowitch

Additional Recording: Red Rock Studio, Saylorsburg, PA (Kent Heckman, engineer); P.M. Records Studio, Havana, Cuba (Betty Hernandez Vidal, engineer); Hollistic MusicWorks Studio, Miami, FL (Brian Lynch, engineer); Bass Hit Studio, NYC, NY (David Darlington, engineer); Audio Beast Studio, Elizabeth, NJ (Erik Piza, engineer) Esplanade Studios, New Orleans, LA (Misha Kachkachishvili, engineer)

Mixing and Mastering: David Darlington
Artwork: Robin D. Williams
Design: Jamie Breiwick, B Side Graphics

Brian Lynch plays Yamaha trumpets and endorses the Lefreque Sound Bridge.