Questioned Answer

Brian Lynch and Emmet Cohen

Hollistic MusicWorks (HMW 12)


  1. Cambios
  2. Dark Passenger
  3. How Deep Is The Ocean
  4. Buddy
  5. Distant Hallow
  6. I Wish I Knew
  7. Petty Theft
  8. Just In Time
  9. Questioned Answer


This intergenerational collaboration between Grammy© Award winning trumpeter Brian Lynch and new piano star on the modern jazz horizon Emmet Cohen combines new school excitement and exuberant swing. In the quartet setting, joined by legendary drummer Billy Hart and master bassist Boris Kozlov, Lynch and Cohen present a program of their own searching and often epic original music, bridging traditional and contemporary sounds with virtuosity, passion and swinging aplomb. And as a duo, they essay and recast jazz classics and standards (both classic and contemporary) with warmth, intelligence and lack of cliche, often journeying into uncharted territory only bound by their searching imagination and desire to swing.

The musical lock between Lynch and Cohen has roots that go beyond the work they’ve put in towards crafting a distinctive sound in both quartet and duo formats. Their common ground in committing to grounded, yet contemporary and uncliched playing and composing, coupled with the mixture of Lynch’s magisterial command and Cohen’s poised beyond his years musicality, has resulted in a original and compelling new group sound tailored for today’s listener.


Brian Lynch and Emmet Cohen in quartet and duo
featuring Billy Hart & Boris Kozlov

Brian Lynch – trumpet and flugelhorn
Emmet Cohen – piano
Boris Kozlov – bass
Billy Hart – drums

Production Credits

Quartet recorded September 29, 2012 at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY (Engineer: Max Ross)
Duo recorded September 15 and October 20, 2012 at Hirsch Studio, New York, NY (Engineer: Armand Hirsch)
Mixing: Brian Lynch
(Hollistic MusicWorks Studios, Miami, FL / New York, NY)
Mix Consultants: Tyler McDiarmid, Tom Dambly
Mastering: Katsuhiko Naito, Avatar Studios, New York, NY
Design: Brian Lynch and Christian Ericson
Photography: Marla Cohen