Unsung Heroes Vol. 2 (CD)

Unsung Heroes Vol. 2 (CD) ()

With the much-awaited CD release of the second volume of his Unsung Heroes project, Grammy© Award winning trumpeter Brian Lynch extends his salute to underappreciated trumpet masters in fine form. From the same sessions as the acclaimed Unsung Heroes CD (5 Stars in Downbeat Magazine), Vol. 2 continues the mix of little known or unrecorded compositions by “under the radar” jazz trumpeters such as Idrees Sulieman, Tommy Turrentine, and Joe Gordon with original Lynch compositions in the spirit of these trumpet maters. In Unsung Heroes Vol. 2, Lynch and his crack band (including alto sax great Vincent Herring) pay tribute “in the tradition” while staying fresh, creative and highly swinging. Lynch’s trumpet work shows why he’s considered one of “the best and busiest trumpeters in jazz...” (Jazz Times Magazine)

"Whether or not they realize it, jazz players owe a serious nod to the many musicians through the years who have influenced and helped shape the branches on the musical tree...not just the household name players, but the many others – active or deceased – who’ve been innovators in their own way. Brian Lynch understands this big time....Lynch and his band...take the music of the aforementioned innovators and add their own contemporary stamp. It is a beautiful project.... Lynch has developed a great way to pay forward the influences that he absorbed.” KEN FRANCKLING, Jazz Notes

Personnel: Brian Lynch, trumpet; Vincent Herring, alto sax; Alex Hoffman, tenor sax; Rob Schneiderman, piano; David Wong, bass; Pete Van Nostrand, drums.



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2 Responses to “Unsung Heroes Vol. 2 (CD)”

  1. Kevin McIntosh says:

    How do I get Unsung Heroes Vol. 2 digitally?? I don’t see it on Itunes. Thanks.

  2. brianlynch says:

    Just saw this! Sorry about the delay.. You can get UH V.2 at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/unsung-heroes-vol.-2/id650689346
    or even better, through my own Bandcamp site: http://brianlynch.bandcamp.com/album/unsung-heroes-vol-2 (it’s cheaper there)

    I have a brand new release out on Bandcamp – in advance of its fall CD release. http://brianlynch.bandcamp.com/album/questioned-answer

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