Brian Lynch "Unsung Heroes" Project

Brian Lynch “Unsung Heroes” Project – A Tribute To Some Underappreciated Jazz Trumpet Masters


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The “Unsung Heroes” project represents a bold step in redefining the relationship between the jazz artist and the audience. “Unsung Heroes” transforms the jazz tradition even as it affirms it, through the breakthrough use of current technology to make the creative process of a classic form aurally transparent. “Unsung Heroes” allows a crucial segment of the jazz audience – the practitioner/listener – to directly enter the music as a participant. “Unsung Heroes” permits the listener, the student, the player access to the music in a way never experienced before off the bandstand.

The Music

In “Unsung Heroes” Grammy Award winning trumpeter Brian Lynch pays tribute to a diverse group of  jazz trumpet masters, active from the 1940s through the present day, that have produced amazing music as players and composers despite flying below the radar of the general jazz public through their compositions (in some cases first recordings) and original works in honor of these greats. The trumpeters we paid homage to range from masters no longer with us (Tommy Turrentine, Howard McGhee, Joe Gordon, Idrees Sulieman) to those very much alive, well, and swinging (Charles Tolliver, Claudio Roditi). Other trumpet masters represented in this project include Louis Smith and an early influence on Lynch’s own work, Kamau Adilifu (Charles Sullivan).

The Concept

The innovative features of this project will interest music practitioners from the professional player to the avocational musician, student and listener alike, and represent some new ways for the audience to be able to interact with the music:

•    In addition to the traditional CD release, the music from this project is available online directly through my website ( and on the Hollistic MusicWorks site ( in expanded form, including extra tunes and alternate takes;

•    The complete recording session was captured on video at a variety of angles, and an interactive DVD of the project is in the works;

•     The music is available in a variety of play along formats, including downloadable “subtract one” tracks for each instrument. Sheet music, scores, and even detailed analysis and music instruction based on the actual music in a “case study” format will be offered in conjunction with the project.

•    And the actual multi track audio files for each tune will be made available in a format usable in popular consumer digital recording programs such as Garage Band, Logic, and Sonar (coming soon!). Opening the music up in one of these programs will allow the listener to mix or edit the music to his/her taste, isolate individual instruments for analysis, or even record his or her own part to the tunes and actually be on the record date! Sampling licenses will also be made available for the use of music producers and professionals.

The Band

Brian Lynch (trumpet, leader, compositions and arrangements)

A Grammy Award winner for his self produced CD “Simpático” (with the collaboration of Eddie Palmieri), Brian Lynch’s multi talents as composer, arranger, producer, and bandleader as well as being one of the pre-eminent jazz trumpeters of today make him stand alone. With 17 CDs as a leader to his credit, more than 200 recordings as a sideman, and long term musical tenures with the likes of Eddie Palmieri, Phil Woods, Art Blakey, and Horace Silver, Lynch now really strikes oiut on his own after 30 years on the international music scene with Hollistic MusicWorks and “Unsung Heroes”.

Vincent Herring (alto sax)

One of today’s most pre-eminent jazz alto saxophonists, Vincent Herring has been an integral part of the groups of Cedar Walton, Nat Adderly, and Louis Hayes as well as being a renowned bandleader and recording artist in his own right.

Alex Hoffman (tenor sax)

A genuine new star on the modern jazz horizon, Alex Hoffman has already made a name for himself on the NY jazz scene. He has played with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, led his own groups at Smalls Jazz Club, and recorded with the Brian Lynch Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra (Bolero Nights for Venus Records)

Rob Schneiderman (piano)

A close colleague and friend of Brian for almost 30 years, Rob Schneiderman is not only a world class jazz pianist but also a world class mathematician and professor of mathematics at Lehman College in New York City. His performing and recording credits include Eddie Harris, Charles McPherson, J.J. Johnson and a 20+ year series of acclaimed recordings as a leader for Reservoir Records.

David Wong (bass)

The new first call bassist on the NY scene, David Wong is currently the bassist of choice for the bands of Roy Haynes and Jimmy Heath.

Pete Van Nostrand (drums)

An alumnus of the prestigious Julliard Jazz Ensemble, Pete Van Nostrand is a very much in demand drummer on the NY jazz scene, playing and recording with various artists including Kenny Barron, Jeremy Pelt, and Steve Davis.

Little Johnny Rivero (conga, on “Further Arrivals” and “RoditiSamba”)

Brian’s past Eddie Palmieri bandmate, and a big part of the success of Brian’s Grammy Award winning Latin jazz CD Simpático, Little Johnny brings his tremendous groove and loving flexibility to the two Latin/Brazilian numbers in this mostly swing oriented collection.

Listen To Unsung Heroes:

Unsung Heroes Project Track List

Vol. 1

1. Terra Firma Irma (Joe Gordon) Second Floor Music BMI

2. I Could Never Forget You (Tommy Turrentine) Second Floor Music BMI

3. Further Arrivals dedicated to Kamau Adilifu/Charles Sullivan (Brian Lynch) Hollistic Music BMI

4. Saturday Afternoon At Four (Idrees Sulieman) ASCAP

5. Household Of Saud (Charles Tolliver) Condominium Publ Group BMI

6. RoditiSamba dedicated to Claudio Roditi (Brian Lynch) Hollistic Music BMI

7. Big Red (Tommy Turrentine) Second Floor Music BMI

8. Unsung Blues (Brian Lynch) Hollistic Music BMI

9. Wetu (Louis Smith) Unart EMI Catalog Inc BMI

Vol. 2

1. It Could Be (Tommy Turrentine) Second Floor Music BMI

2. Heleen (Joe Gordon) Second Floor Music BMI

3. Sandy (Howard McGhee) ASCAP

4. Short Steps (Idrees Sulieman) Second Floor Music ASCAP

5. Marissa’s Mood dedicated to Ira Sullivan (Brian Lynch) Hollistic Music BMI

6. Out/Dancing Shoes (Idrees Sulieman) Second Floor Music ASCAP

7. Gone But Not Forgotten (Tommy Turrentine) Second Floor Music BMI

8. ‘Nother Never dedicated to Louis Smith (Brian Lynch) Hollistic Music BMI

9. Orange Blossoms (Idrees Sulieman) Second Floor Music ASCAP

10. I’m So Excited By You (Donald Byrd) Elgy Music BMI

Vol.3 (Alternate Takes)

1. Saturday Afternoon At Four alternate take (Idrees Sulieman) ASCAP

2. Heleen alternate take (Joe Gordon) Second Floor Music BMI

3. It Could Be alternate take (Tommy Turrentine) Second Floor Music BMI

4. Short Steps alternate take (Idrees Sulieman) Second Floor Music ASCAP

5. RoditiSamba unedited take (Brian Lynch) Hollistic Music BMI

6. I Could Never Forget You alternate take (Tommy Turrentine) Second Floor Music BMI

7. I’m So Excited By You alternate take (Donald Byrd) Elgy Music BMI

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