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Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Hi All,

There’s a lot of new things going on with my record label, – and one of the most important is a complete redo of this website, to reflect HMW’s evolving and expanding status as a record label and creative content conduit.

The new site is almost ready to go – meanwhile, please excuse our dust while we remodel. I’m looking forward to unveiling the new HMW very, very soon!

Brian Lynch

Announcing :Brian Lynch Presents “Madera Latino” Drops On Sep. 26

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Brian Lynch Presents Madera Latino:
A Latin Jazz Perspective On The Music Of Woody Shaw
Hollistic MusicWorks HMW 13/14 (2 CD Set)
Release Date: Sep. 26, 2016Watch the EPK For Madera Latino:

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 7.03.58 AM.png
Brian Lynch trumpet
Sean Jones trumpet
Dave Douglas trumpet
Michael Rodriguez trumpet
Etienne Charles trumpet
Diego Urcola trumpet
Josh Evans trumpet
Philip Dizack trumpet
Bryan Davis trumpet
Zaccai Curtis piano
Luques Curtis bass
Obed Calvaire drums
Pedrito Martinez timbales, congas
Little Johnny Rivero congas, percussion
Anthony Carrilo bongo, campana
Produced by Brian Lynch
All music arranged by Brian Lynch
Associate Producer: Woody Shaw III
Four years in the making, Grammy© Award winning trumpeter Brian Lynch’s “Madera Latino” (Latin Wood) project, exploring the music of jazz innovator and master trumpeter Woody Shaw in a Latin Jazz format, is finally ready for release on Hollistic MusicWorks!
The music of the late, great Woody Shaw (1944-1989) – an innovative and highly individual musical lexicon, expressed through both his chosen instrument of trumpet and his equally distinguished compositions – set a standard of excellence and modernity for Black American Music that has not been surpassed in the 50 years since he first came onto the jazz scene. Madera Latino is an exploration of this giant’s music as viewed through the lens of authentic Afro-Caribbean rhythm and framed by the loving treatment of his compositions in virtuosic Latin Jazz style by Grammy© Award winning trumpeter Brian Lynch. It is also a heartfelt tribute to the genius of Woody by a all star lineup of today’s top trumpeters: Lynch, Sean Jones, Dave Douglas, Diego Urcola, Michael Rodriguez, Etienne Charles, Josh Evans, and Philip Dizack.
In trumpet combinations from duo to quartet, these eminent horns explore Shaw classics including In A Capricornian Way, Tomorrow’s Destiny, Zoltan, Song Of Songs, Sweet Love Of Mine, and more, along with two original pieces – one a extended suite – written by Lynch in salute to the profound influence Woody has had on him as a player and composer.
The band for Madera Latino fulfills the promise of Lynch’s audacious concept with élan, precision, and joyous creativity. Percussionists Pedrito Martinez and Little Johnny Rivero, along with bassist Luques Curtis, were integral to the success of Lynch’s 2006 CD Simpático, a Grammy@ Award winner in the Latin Jazz category. Add drummer Obed Calvaire, percussionist Anthony Carrillo, and pianist Zaccai Curtis, and a mighty rhythm section emerges to spur and challenge the trumpeters to their utmost efforts in praise of Shaw.
“The combination of Woody’s music and the Afro-Caribbean clave concept was always a natural to me”,states Lynch. “I’m very happy, after many years of thinking about this idea, to finally be able to actualize this tribute to my musical hero, Woody Shaw, in the distinguished company of these amazing trumpeters and my musical family.”
“I am very proud of what Brian has done with this project, and particularly of the depth of sincerity and the meticulousness with which he has treated the re-interpretation of Woody Shaw’s original works within the Afro-Latino idiom. My respect and gratitude go out to the musicians on this recording for keeping the spirit of this music – and of one of its last great innovators – alive and strong in the 21st century.  
Woody Louis Armstrong Shaw, III
Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 6.57.07 AM.png
Brian Lynch Presents: Madera Latino: A Latin Jazz Perspective On The Music Of Woody Shaw
Official Release Date: September 26, 2016. Distribution: Amazon, CD Baby, ITunes, and select independent record retailers, as well as directly through
Hollistic MusicWorks is the record label and creative conduit of Brian Lynch – Grammy© Award winning trumpeter, composer, arranger, bandleader, and educator. In addition to hosting Lynch’s own recording projects, HMW provides a home for other artists deserving of respect and recognition, ranging from veteran artists such as legendary drummer Killer Ray Appleton and the brilliant pianist/composer Rob Schneiderman, to emerging new artists personally mentored by Lynch.

Unsung Heroes Garners 5 Star Review In Downbeat!

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Unsung Heroes – 5 Star Review in Downbeat!

My Unsung Heroes recording project continues to gain plaudits from the critics. One of the most notable of these appeared in the July 2011 issue of Downbeat, arguably still the most prestigious jazz publication extant. Reviewer Eric Fine gave Unsung Heroes the honor of its highest possible rating, the coveted 5 stars. This is my first 5 star rating, and in my experience very rare for a “straight ahead” jazz CD in this day and age. Thanks to Eric and Downbeat for this recognition of UH’s quality!

Unsung Heroes has been getting good reviews all around. If you’d like to sample some of the critical opinion, I’ve pulled some of it together here:

UH Play Alongs Now Available, Audio Stems Coming

I’m still chipping away at the mountain of additional Unsung Heroes content to come, but some significant progress has been made! I’m happy to announce that all the Unsung Heroes Vol. 1 play alongs are ready for download through the website and Bandcamp page. They’re available for all the Unsung Heroes instrumentation as well as being suitable for other axes such as trombone and guitar. Play along with the original performance as recorded, or stretch out for more choruses with alternate versions cutting out the other horn solos! Charts for your instrument are included. You can download UH play alongs here:’m happy to report success in my trial run on the Unsung Heroes audio stem project, and I will be getting these multi track audio file versions up for download as soon as possible! We are going to have some fun with these. Cryptic? – perhaps, but stay tuned….

Buy The Unsung Heroes CD at:
or through Amazon and CD Baby

Download Unsung Heroes Music at:



In Praise of Phil Woods & the Quintet…

Monday, October 26th, 2009

I just finished a five night gig here at home (NYC) with the Phil Woods Quintet, who I’ve been playing with for almost 18 years now (I started with Phil in March 1992 at Chicago’s Jazz Showcase, the one in the Blackstone Hotel). We haven’t been playing as much in the last few years as when I started with Phil, and this was the first gig in a few months for us. It’s always an occasion for me to play with Phil, and every time the Quintet convenes special music is made. A few thoughts about this unique group: (more…)

Introducing Hollistic MusicWorks

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Hello jazz fans and music people, trumpeter Brian Lynch here to announce the genesis of Hollistic MusicWorks, the online (and eventually corporate) manifestation of my musical activity in all its aspects. I’ve been wanting to get this thing going for a while already, but I’ve had trouble with how exactly to translate my ideas for a new online presence (I already have an artist website at, hosted by JazzCorner) to a designer, perhaps because I keep “flipping the script”, as my buddy Edward Palmieri 2nd refers to my propensity for letting my imagination run riot until the original idea is unrecognizable. I’ve finally  decided that I might as well do it myself, and spare others the muddle. Starting out as an humble blog, this site will hopefully extend out to cover the many aspects of my musical world I aim to present and make available to you all. (more…)